Creating an autofilled website - step by step video tutorial 2

We continue the lessons on creating an autofillable website on our own using ready-made video tutorials.

so, you have purchased the autofill site script. Your task is to independently install the site on hosting and make it visible to all people on the Internet and to search robots. We talked about hosting and domain in LESSON # 1

The second lesson starts with gifts. Depending on the chosen tariff, you can choose several gifts - courses on making money on the Internet for free.


Setting up an autofilled site

You already have your domain, and start installing the site content to your domain. There is nothing complicated about it. By step-by-step video lesson number 2, you can easily do it for 30 minutes.
The author Anatoly Svetlov outlined all the steps in such detail, that even the most beginner will not get confused. The lesson shows, what where to press, where to insert, what to write.

Any little thing, which few people pay attention to, but, which is recorded by search robots and counted, as a plus in site indexing, covered by the author. You will not find anywhere else such a detailed video tutorial on installing and configuring a WordPress site..

How to properly install a website on hosting, how to make correct site settings, so that it is quickly indexed by search robots, and you received free traffic to your site, and hence earnings without investments. You will learn about this in LESSON # 2 in the buyer's office

Trust the site to search robots and humans

After the lesson 2 you will install WordPress itself on your domain. Scared by this word
do not, in the lesson everything is told and shown. After installing WordPress
create a certificate, to keep your site secure, and he had trust
from people and search engines.
This is also described in the lesson. 2 step by step, what and how to do. You will make all the settings for the certificate, to make your site work flawlessly and inspire trust.

In this tutorial we will make all the site settings., so that it is correctly reflected in search engines. Search bots pay attention to every detail
in settings. If everything is configured correctly, то ваш сайт будет быстро индексироваться поисковиками Yandex и Google и другими.

Passive earnings without investments

The faster your site gets indexed, the faster it will go to the top positions of search engines, which means, you get free
site traffic. And on your site there will be several sources of income.

How to create these types of earnings, you will learn from the following lessons.
Gradually, lesson by lesson, you will create your site completely,
and you will have PASSIVE earnings. Further, you go about your business, and the site works by itself.

Passive income without investment is that, what we will strive for when creating an autofilled website. Automating the script and freeing up your time is our second task.

Website automation and freeing up your time

You don't have to write articles yourself, and this is a very difficult task. Articles must be published daily, it takes a long time. But the good news is, that our site using a script will add articles daily without your participation. You will also learn about this from the following lessons..

If you haven't purchased this miracle yet 21 centuries and want to have passive income from several types of earnings at once, then more details you can see here>>>

Setting up an autofilled website step by step tutorials

And don't hesitate too long. Such a gorgeous offer for passive income on the Internet without investments, after purchasing an autofilled site, you won't find.

Your one-time attachment is the purchase of the script itself, which will return to you very quickly and will multiply. You will create an auto-filled site with several types of earnings at once, creating passive income from the Internet.


You can find out about the tariffs for purchasing an autofilled site in the LESSON: CHOICE OF TARIFF

Buy script for autofilled site - choice of tariff

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