Autofill site script. How to promote a site in Yandex

3-and a lesson, very important for the creation and proper functioning of your autofilled site. which will work automatically, and bring
you passive income from the Internet.

On the Internet, you can find a lot of information on creating sites.
You will be taught to create sites on wordpress, prompt, what plugins are needed,
but no one will sharpen their attention and give information about the intricacies of the settings.

Many, who creates a website for lessons from the Internet, they are trying to promote their sites for purchased courses, bring your sites to the top positions of search engines, spending both time and money on it, but never succeed.
Their sites remain unnoticed by search engines and people..
These people gradually get frustrated and abandon their creations.. There are a huge number of such abandoned sites on the Internet.. Человек тратит самое дорогое – время. Sometimes it takes years to fill the site and promote it.
But many people still fail to bring their site to the top and, disappointed,
he throws his brainchild.

Secrets of proper site setup, so that he goes to the top
positions in search engines, usually, the authors of those courses do not share, because it is not profitable for them. They need to sell their course, and bringing your site to the top positions means creating competitors for yourself.

How to promote your site in search engines yourself for free

Creating an auto-filled website with the right settings, your site in a short time will reach the top positions of search engines. We already talked about the site settings in LESSON No. 2
How to properly customize your website for keywords? You will learn about this in 3 a lesson on creating your automatic passive income.

Lesson overview 3 from the author - Anatoly Svetlov


In your student's office after purchasing a script for creating an autofilled website, you will have a detailed lesson, painted to the smallest detail. The author shows and tells, how and what to do. Draws attention to those details, about which other course authors are silent about creating sites.

How to choose keywords for website promotion

A lot of time in the lesson is devoted to the selection of keywords.
What phrases you need to choose for your site, so that people, seekers
in search engines the information they need, got to your site on that topic, they are looking for.
So that in the search engine results for important key queries your site is always shown on the top lines of search engines - this is the primary task, having completed which in the lesson, you will have constant traffic to the site, and free.
Visitors will start visiting your site from search engines without your participation. This will be your passive income, since there will be several types of earnings on your site at once, which we will put together in the following lessons.

Correct selection of keywords and phrases + correct setting itself
site is the key to the successful operation of the site and quick access to the top
search engine positions.

We'll talk about other settings for your autofilled site in the next lesson..

For those, who have not yet sufficiently familiarized themselves with the work of the autofilled site, why is it profitable to purchase such a site, what will you have, будучи хозяином такого сайта, you can see about all its advantages here

Setting up an autofilled website step by step tutorials

If someone doubts their abilities, not sure, what can create such an autofilled video tutorial site on its own, you will be able to order website customization from our specialists, who will quickly set everything up for you.

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