How to make money on an auto-filled site – installation – lesson 1

If you decide to install a self-filling site yourself for
earnings, to have additional and, the main thing, passive income from
internet, then you have come to the address.

Video tutorials on installing an autofilled site

After purchasing a license for the script of the autofilled site, you will be provided with an account with all the step-by-step tutorials on installing an autofilled site.
You will independently choose the theme of your site at will and consistently, step by step through the lessons will make your autofill
site without any tension.
Installation video tutorials are written this way, what, doing everything sequentially, as the author shows, you can easily do everything yourself
install and configure.

With the purchase of a license for an autofilled script, you get all the lessons. Having learned once to create such sites, you can create more than one self-filling site, and as many as you want on various topics.

Each, the site you created, in a short time will bring you income. It will be passive income from the Internet. You don't have to do much. If you create more than one such site, but somewhat on different topics, then your income will be many times greater.

First lesson. What will you learn

In this lesson, you will prepare a site on the Internet, on which we will install our self-filled site.

Which site to take, how to work on it, how to install your site on this site, what name to give your first child, how to choose the right site name, you will learn about all this from the first lesson.

The author tells and shows in great detail, what and how to do. After watching the lesson, you will not have any questions.. Everything is clearly stated, available to any beginner. It will take you no more than half an hour to complete the lesson.

If such concepts were previously incomprehensible to you, as hosting, domain, then after completing the first lesson everything will become clear and familiar.

The office also provides for the transition from one package to another. If you chose the Standard package with self-installation of the site for lessons, but, for some reason could not install, then at any lesson right from your office you can switch to another tariff, which provides for the customization of an auto-filled site by our specialists.


If you have not yet purchased the autofill site, have not studied enough information about earning opportunities on such sites, then more details can be viewed here>>>

How to make a website that generates income

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