How can you make money on the Internet – Step-by-step video tutorial 2

Setting up an automatic site script - lesson 2

Way of additional earnings | lesson number = 2

You are making progress! Great job done by you at lesson N = 1 on setting up additional income, which you went through earlier.

Well, those, who has already applied all the settings from the previous lesson, I congratulate you on the acquisition of the first skills, and let's move on.

In this window, specifically, video version of the lesson 2 on script setup.
After her, be sure to read the text version below.

Automatic earnings on the Internet - lesson 2 (video version)

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Friends. In this tutorial on 11 minute 28 seconds.
In the config.php file, we set the parameters 9, 3, 3, 3, 3.
For the new parameters, I recommend setting 9, 3, 2, 3, 2.

old parameters

1) search depth = 9
2) number of cells wide on the main one = 3
3) the number of cells in height on the main = 3
4) number of cells wide in the directory = 3
5) number of cells in directory height = 3

new parameters

1) search depth = 9
2) number of cells wide on the main one = 3
3) the number of cells in height on the main = 2
4) number of cells wide in the directory = 3
5) number of cells in directory height = 2

This is not critical, if you are using old parameters.
But based on experience, in case we expose according to new parameters, then the height on the site will be shown 2 video row, not three.

In this case, loading the main page, and pages in the catalog, going much faster.
Removing the third row, we have reduced the download timeout, which had a better effect on the delivery of articles to users, and search robots, much better relate to sites that load faster.

It's everyone's business, of course, некоторые могут посчитать, what to show right away 9 videos instead of 6, will be more beautiful.
In this case, you need to understand, what else to download 3 rollers, extra time is spent, as I said above.

Above you have watched the video version of lesson number = 2 on setting up an automatic site script, Further, below I parsed everything in a text version, with some important nuances.

Upload the site files to the folder | ready template

Let's start with perhaps one of the most important aspects of building our automated website.
Namely, so that people on the Internet can see your new site in the future, then we need to upload the files of the site itself, to folder, which we linked in the last lesson to our domain name.

Be even more accurate, then we need to copy all our files, to the root folder of our future auto-filled site. This folder, referred to on all Internet sites, like public_html (The root folder)

What is HTML? (on a note)

HTML is a standardized markup language.
The markup for web pages on the World Wide Web.
Read more at Wikipedia

As in the last lesson, I will try to explain in a more human language.
Let's roughly analyze the meaning of public_html.

Public - translated from Latin, it is public.
HTML - as you understood from the note above, then this is some kind of markup, in other words, handwriting, which a search engine can parse (search robot).

I.e, if we take the general translation of the value of the public_html folder, then this is the shared folder of your resource, with supported html markup for crawlers, for example Yandex or Google.

Filling absolutely any files into the root folder, search robots, anyway anyone, eventually will be able to look externally, what is on your domain name.

For example saying, You see a page in front of you, which is also stored in my public_html folder, and the latter, in turn, is located at

What people will see when they visit your domain, depends on, what do we want to show them.

Based on the above, go to the root folder as I showed in the video tutorial 2, and upload files to this folder in the usual way, which you downloaded in advance from your personal account to your device.

Follow repeating after me, clear actions and everything will stand like this, how to.
In any other case, you can simply clear the same public_html folder, and upload it all over again.

Uploading and connecting the finished MySQL database

In fact, to fully connect the site, we have a few steps left.
And in this step, we will download and connect the MySQL database for our website.
This file, is filled in and connected once too, and then, You can forget about him.

What is MySQL? (on a note)

MySQL - is a free relational database management system.
Supports a wide variety of table types.
Read more at Wikipedia

Plain language, then the MySQL database - this is a kind of supported extension for the site.
It records all the data that occurs on your site.

I personally relate to this file, as to the memory of our site.
And it's important to know, that not a single full-fledged site, cannot exist without MySQL database.

For example saying, then created subscription pages on the Internet, do not have such a file.
It is understandable, what is it like doing a one-time write, that is, created and let it freeze.

Take a full-fledged website, then all changes and additions on the site, should be recorded somewhere.
And in our case, when our script will add automatic new video pages to the site, then all this will be written to the MySQL database, and the old will not be deleted but will work.

It's easy to connect it, in that case, when you have it ready and "on the hands".
In the downloaded archive, from which you uploaded the site files to the root folder, there is also a ready-made MySQL database file.

Watch the lesson 2, and connect the base, as shown in the video tutorial.
In case of error, remember, that everything can be deleted, and re-upload again.
Usually no problem, and it takes no more 5 - 10 minutes of time.

We write down keywords and frequency of video search.

An important point, when in lesson, you will write keywords in the config.php file
After all, it is for these requests (phrases) which you indicate, script (our robot) will go to YouTube and search for videos.

More precisely, it would be more correct to name non-key queries, and search queries.

What is a Search Query? (on a note)

A search term is a sequence of characters,
which the user enters into the search bar.
Read more at Wikipedia

To make it clearer.
If you are looking for earnings on the Internet, then in a search engine google or for example Yandex, You write, how to make money online (that's an example). This is how you entered your search query., for, so that the search engine would give you the information you are interested in.

Writing search queries in the config.php file, then we write these requests for our script (for our robot).
Further, our script itself on the machine, will take the search query that we specified, and embed it into YouTube, where from YouTube he will be shown videos on our topic.

Next, the script will take the code of the provided video, description, and it will all shape beautifully, and will publish on our website as a page.

Video lesson 2, write search queries for the script, also along the way, indicate with what frequency in the time interval, Your robot needs to go to YouTube for new videos, and move on.

Online part-time job at home | example of customized script code
array('name'=>'where to make money on the Internet', 'date'=>2, 'chanel'=>''),
array('name'=>'how can you make money on the Internet', 'date'=>2, 'chanel'=>''),
array('name'=>'the best sites for making money on the Internet', 'date'=>2, 'chanel'=>''),
array('name'=>'online earnings on the Internet', 'date'=>2, 'chanel'=>''),
array('name'=>'real earnings on the Internet', 'date'=>2, 'chanel'=>''),
array('name'=>'earnings at home via the Internet', 'date'=>2, 'chanel'=>''),
array('name'=>'how to make a lot of money online', 'date'=>2, 'chanel'=>''),
array('name'=>'earnings via the Internet with investments', 'date'=>2, 'chanel'=>''),
array('name'=>'way to make money through the Internet', 'date'=>2, 'chanel'=>''),

Most Recommended Timeline Search Frequency for Script, in practice, then this is for the last day, since this is the freshest and most relevant information.

I.e, in the parameters of the config.php file, I recommend choosing a video search for the last 24 hours, where in the file it is indicated as a number 2.

The best proxies with good speed | pledge of the anonymity of your site

Here we come to the end of setting up the configuration file.
We have registered search queries with you, connected the database, specified search frequency.
Same, I didn't write here, but in the video tutorial, we set the parameters for displaying videos on the main and in the catalog.

What is left for us, so this is to register the proxy server data for our script.
What is it and what are they for, I will analyze below.
We look at the note, and moving forward.

What is a proxy server? (on a note)

Proxy server (from English. proxy ) Is an intermediate server in computer networks,
acting as an intermediary between the user and the target server.
Read more at Wikipedia

So that would not greatly deepen you into the knowledge of computer networks, then I will superficially try to explain what it is and why.

Proxy server, or in short a proxy - it's a kind of computer on the side.
In this way, if we own this computer, then we can tell, for example, our script, that he went through a proxy server and then went to YouTube.

Anyway, YouTube will see your last exit point from where you came from, but it will be the proxy that will see, other data, than YouTube would see, what did you come from hosting.

And such proxies are needed, just for that, so that YouTube does not see you and your outgoing point.
Then and in case of any questions, You can not worry, that you or your hosting organization will be presented with something there.

So that, this is also an important privacy feature of your script, and hosting in general.
Get good, cheap and high-speed proxies can be found on the link below.
Be sure to watch the lesson 2, there we write the data of our proxies in the configuration file, and this file can be said to be done.

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Well, how can I leave you without a coupon?
Although the price when ordering a proxy is not very high, namely at the time of writing this 69 rubles, nevertheless, if you enter the code HbUnt4vlz3 in the window when ordering, then you will be 5 % discount.

It can be used for life.

And we all know, what a penny ruble protects ... )

The beginning of visual work on the site

All, we are done with setting up a proxy and all sorts of tasks like search queries.
Now let's start setting up the visual part.

Namely, in our field of work fall 3 file named main.php, page.php и table_2x2.php.

Purpose of the main script site files (on a note)

1) main.php - файл отвечает за главную страницу Вашего сайта.
Home page - this is the first page of your site.
At the main address (domain) home page opens.

2) page.php - the file is responsible for the individual internal page of your site.
Separate inner page, this is if you choose the video you like on the main or in the catalog, and click on it, then a specific page with a target video will open for us.
(this is the inner page)

3) table_2x2.php - the file is responsible for the page from the directory of your site.
Visually, catalog page, looks like main.
You can get to this page, if you go down by digit 2, 3 , 4, etc
(this is the directory)

Where is it more logical to start, so this is from the main page of our site.
Thereby, открываем файл под названием main.php и прописываем заголовок нашего сайта как я показал в видео уроке 2, in the title line.

In the same file, just below, write in the line with the keywords value, keywords for your site. It is important to understand, what keywords, must have words that relate to the topic of your site, and, I recommend prescribing no more 20 keywords. You can also use double, or at most triple words as one keyword, like how "internet earnings" or "make money on the Internet"

Next, you can see a line with a description value, what does the description mean in English. To this line, we write a meaningful description on the subject of your site, strictly up to 160 characters including spaces and punctuation marks.

The same manipulations need to be performed in the table_2x2.php file
In the page.php file, write the header, no keywords and description needed.
In the future, the script will itself register data there for issuing your pages on the Internet.

The main meta tags of any site (on a note)

1) Title - this noun, or rather the title of your site. By issuance and importance, comparable to the name of your site.
Registered before 60 characters, including site keywords.
Read more at Wikipedia

2) Keywords - these are keywords - words in the text, capable, in conjunction with other keywords, to give a high-level description of the content of a text document and to identify its subject matter.
Read more at Wikipedia

3) Description - this is your resource description, which is aimed at, to point out and make it clear, what is your site about.
It is also a very important part, when filling out and optimizing the site as a whole.
Read more at Wikipedia

Added header, keywords and description in files main.php and table_2x2.php.
Move on. There is little left and the lesson is over.

Now in all three files, namely in main.php in page.php and table_2x2.php, we need to change the footer of the site.

Site footer - this is the very bottom of the site, where information such as site contacts is usually stored.

We change it in three files as I showed in the video tutorial, and along the way in the lesson, we indicate a new path for the site favicon.

What is Favicon? (on a note)

Favicon website - it is an icon for a website or webpage.
Displayed by the browser in the tab and bookmarks before the page title.
Read more at Wikipedia

Completion of lesson number = 2 on setting up an automatic site script .

Well, you and I are really great! At the moment, we performed for the first 2 lesson, really, the most complex work on setting up, further lessons will seem simple.

Now we can already observe our personal automatic website on the Internet, and even any person who came to your site, can already watch some kind of video.

It will be more interesting and faster to set up everything further..
Congratulations, with the end of the lesson number = 2, on setting up an automatic website for making money.

See you in the next lesson..
Yours faithfully, co Author of the script developer - Anatoly

Don't forget to bookmark the site in your browser.
Your help will not go unnoticed, share the article!

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