How can you make money on the Internet – Step-by-step video tutorial 1

Setting up an automatic site script - lesson 1

Passive earnings on the Internet | lesson number = 1

I am glad to welcome you to the first step by step lesson, on setting up an automatic site script, to make money online.

Previously, the setting took place purely by video lessons, and in connection with the expansion of the general business for earning, we decided to add, all settings in a text step by step version on the site, where are you now.

I will not stretch the rubber and pull as they say "cat by the ears")
Let's get down to setting up your automatic site script, for, so that he would already start his work, and brought you closer to the first honestly earned money via the Internet. Go ... !

In this window, specifically, video version of the lesson 1 on script setup.
After her, be sure to read the text version below.

Automatic earnings on the Internet - lesson 1 (video version)


On 19 minute 57 seconds, i press the green gear, where I expose PHP version 7.2,
if you have the option to set PHP version 7.4, then put it.
Same, I show that I only set the first slider, and I press to save.

By new settings, the first three sliders must be turned on,
and be sure to set in the Redirect item:,
where is the third exposed slider, meaning c to

Expose everything 3 slider except the last. Item Redirect: It should be "c on"

Above you have watched the video version of lesson number = 1 on setting up an automatic site script, Further, below I parsed everything in a text version, with some important nuances.

Place on the Internet for an auto-filled site.

The first thing to do, it is accordingly to rent a piece of space on the Internet.
Various services can provide us with such an opportunity., referred to as hosting.

What is hosting? (on a note)

Hosting (in English - hosting) Is a resource provision service,
for placing information on the server, permanently connected to the network (usually internet).
Read more at Wikipedia

So here, hosting, in your own words, this is an internet service, which has purchased large online space. And they buy it, just for that, to rent it out in parts, for people, who need a small piece of space on the internet.

In other words, so that you don't buy the whole country (many places) for, what to put a shop there, you can rent a small apartment in the country (the size of the space which is enough for you).
As a result, pay less.

If you understand even a little what I'm talking about, then let's register on the service, namely on hosting.
In my already ancient experience, personally I can recommend a hosting called Timeweb


By the way, by clicking on the link to hosting from our website, then in that case, if you register for the hosting for the first time, then you will receive a bonus, at the rate of 200 rubles, when paying for hosting use at least 1 month.

The main advantages of Time web hosting (on a note)

1) Affordable rental price.
2) Live chat support on hosting.
3) Separate ticket support, for difficult questions.
4) Frequently held hosting promotions.
5) Convenience and speed of the space provided.

What tariff to use when ordering services from hosting.

We figured out with you what hosting is, Now is the time to decide on the exact size of the place, which we want to rent from this service.

Respectively, if we wish to deliver 1 website on the internet, and we don't need to make more sites, it is easier to choose the minimum tariff Year +.
Such a tariff takes payment, at the rate of 179 p per month, at the time of writing.

I.e, paying rent for 1 month, hosting, You will be allocated a spatial space clear under 1 website.

Otherwise, if you decide to put several sites at once, then it will be more profitable to choose the Optimo + tariff. This tariff already costs 269 p per month, but at this rate, the customer has the opportunity to deliver to 10 sites.

As we can see, that the runaway in payment is not so significant, and places are provided in 10 times more.

Here's a kind of life hack, for those who want to deliver more 1 site.

The trick is this. And she's not listed anywhere, but applying it, You can significantly save on payment, in that case, if you put for example 3 site.

The fact, what if you ordered the minimum Year + tariff earlier 179 p, and for some reason, decided to install a few more sites, then when adding, you will get a warning, they say to expand the possibilities of your tariff, we can automatically add 1 space for the site for 60 p + to your current rate.

Usually the person agrees, and in the end he has 2 hosting space, and he pays for it all 179 + 60 = 239 rubles. I use the tariff, everything suits me, my internet business requires more space, and I need another site. Hosting will say no question, yet + 60 r and here's your third place.

Hmm. Then I decide to calculate all my expenses and come to that,
what the 3 places per month, I cry 179 p + 60 p and more + 60 p = 299 rubles.
Wow! what if 5 sites, then 418 rubles? for 1 month.

I think I think ... and I understand, what is the tariff, Optimo + for 269 p, where can i put up 10 sites.
Benefit on hosting, in this case it is possible to change the tariff instantly.
In the left block, there is a tariffs section, go there, see the name of your tariff, click on the arrow next to the name, and choose a more advanced tariff from the drop-down list, namely Optimo +. Then click save, and recalculation occurs instantly.

Ordering a domain name for your website.

Given that, that we have a registered hosting account with the provided space, we move on. In that case, if you don't understand something, then I recommend watching the video lesson that is published above, I show everything there step by step, without many words, but also without possible nuances.
Generally, in video tutorials, specifically everything and to the point, and here I write, to unfold some hidden sides for you.

We have a place for the site, we agreed with hosting so to speak, now an important point, this is a domain.

What is a domain? (on a note)

Domain or Domain name is a set of characters unique in its kind,
helping to find the address of your resource on the Internet.
Read more at Wikipedia

In ordinary human language, then on the same example.
When ordering a place, we defined, that we need a certain amount of space on the Internet, for your sites. Thus, we kind of bought the whole country, but ordered part, for example a small town, which is enough for our needs, and for which we will not pay as for the whole country.

And so, if we take this example, then the city should have its own name, and unlike the real world, in the Internet, there can be no two cities with the same name.

But in general, site building structure, very similar to building a city.
After all, before you build a city, we need to buy a place, further name this place, and then build something in it.

Here is the same thing. We rented a place.
Now you need to rent a domain name (name), and then we will fill this place with our ready-to-work files. For instance, at the site, where you are now, domain name

In order to order a domain name for your future website, go to hosting in the left column, to the section domains and subdomains. There you will see this button, how to register a domain. As I showed in the video tutorial 1, you need to select a registration zone like com or ru, choose an unoccupied name for your site (in Latin), and send the whole thing, for registration.
As soon as the domain is registered, under its name there will be an inscription, paid before e.g. your year + 1 year. Accordingly, the amount for renting a domain, will be debited from your main hosting balance.

Renting a domain, you pay for example for a domain in the ru zone, same, about 179 rubles.
But here for this amount, they lease your domain for a whole year.
In a year, You can already decide on your own,
do you need to renew your domain lease for another 1 year.

Eventually, our total cost by space on the Internet and domain name, amounted to approximately 358 rubles.

But in general, approximate total cost of installing the script,
hosting and domain costs no more than 500 rubles.

Preparing a place for our automatic site.

Having done the main work on registration of hosting and domain, we just have to prepare the place, where we upload the files of the finished automatic site script.

More precisely, we are with you, install (bind) to your domain free website builder CMS Wordpres.

What is WordPress CMS Builder? (on a note)

CMS WordPress is a website content management system
open source.
Read more at Wikipedia

And again, if you make it out in more understandable language.
То CMS WordPress, this is a constructor that allows you to manage the settings of your site.
Add pictures, video, text, everything that you see in front of you.

It's kind of, set of tools, to make it easier for you to build your city.

But!. We need him outside, or rather, you need its main part.
After all, why do we need construction tools, when for us, carry out construction work, there will be an automated robot, right here, an approximate understanding comes, what is an automatic site script.

As shown in the video tutorial 1, we install CMS WordPress builder, just for that, what to our domain name, the folder with the tools was attached.

Further, we'll just delete all tools from this folder, and fill in this folder, your one, large and automatic tool, who will do everything for us.

Along the way in the video tutorial, we replace the database file and put secure SSL, here you can not go too much into the depression, but simply repeat as shown in the first lesson. Эти основные настройки, like everyone else in particular, are done once.

Completion of lesson number = 1 on setting up an automatic site script .

Friends, we have completed the most difficult practical work, further lessons will be held in approximately the same format, that is, looked, copied and repeated.

Further, we will fill in the script files, we edit everything for ourselves, and connect useful monetization services, absolutely free. It will include services such as collecting subscribers, for which we will not need to pay.

Congratulations to everyone on the successful implementation of the first lesson, and you can proceed to study further.
Let me remind you, what's the list of lessons, You can watch below, or choose the lesson you need, from the additional menu on the top page of the site.

See you in the next lesson..
Yours faithfully, co Author of the script developer - Anatoly

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