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What is a page 404 (Error 404) and why i see Not Found

Hello, let's see why users on the Internet, see a periodic page with a message 404 (Error 404) или Not Found (Page not found).

Same, for more advanced internet users, we will analyze the correction options, and it will be useful in that case, if you are the author of the site.

When an error can occur 404 (Error 404)
or Not Found for a regular user on the network.

Such a page comes out in the event, if the user tries to go to the page, which does not exist. I.e, the page may have been removed from the internet, or moved to a new address. The same mistake, may arise in that case, if the user entered the wrong address of the resource he is looking for.

In this case, if you came to this page by mistake from the above, then usually the authors of their resources on the Internet, on this non-existent page, offer to view more relevant information, but already on the main page of your site. For example, in our case here "Website for making money on the Internet"

Further below, we will analyze the main explanations for the origin of the page 404 (Error 404) Not Found

Cause of error error 404 page not found

Error 404 or in Russian words Error 404 - the code header for the HTTP request protocol is responsible for it. It's kind of, response to your browser that, that there is no way to connect to this page due to an error. In other words, then your server, could not find the web page requested by the browser.

The main digital code comes as 404, and in almost all cases there is a record that, that Page not found, in english it looks like this >>> Not Found»

As mentioned above, then the visitor entered the wrong address of the searched web resource.
Otherwise, then the url of the page was rewritten, moved or deleted.
Sometimes it happens, that the server is where the resource itself is located, may give such an error due to inoperability or an infected virus.

How to fix error 404 page not found on the site?

For a regular user, you can fix it in several cases, but only if, if the error actually occurred on the part of the user himself.

1) Recheck the url signs in the address bar that you entered, you may have entered a typo.
2) In some cases, a simple reboot might help.
3) Log in from another browser, your browser may have encountered a virus threat, and because of this it gives an error on the network part of the connection.

How to fix 404 error for the webmaster

To do this, it will often be more convenient to use scanning tools..

Go to your site's dashboard, select an address and scan it.
In the initial list, you should see the logs of the error itself.

Where it will be clear in general, and maybe you have more than one page on your site with such an answer.
In the right field under the heading "URL errors" select the tab "PC".

Yandex Webmaster has such a scanner tab with approximate explanations of the fix already in the reference book. Apply scanning in Yandex, possible in relation to any of your site.

I recommend scanning the entire site one by one to detect such errors., and then you can apply measures based on the file with syllables of errors.

See you in the next lesson..
Yours faithfully, co Author of the script developer - Anatoly

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